Reach Out and Donate

You can help bring science to an underfunded elementary school or district with your contributions.

Here's How . . .

1. A donation of any amount will be combined with other donations to create a scholarship to one of our STEM after school enrichment programs.

2. Sponsor a Child: A donation of $499 provides a complete scholarship for one child to participate in five hands on STEM enrichment program.

3. Support a School: A donation of $999 provides a school of your choice, or a school we have isolated as an underfunded school, with a super motivating, high energy science assembly plus a hands on science fair boot camp for all 4th graders to guide them in preparing for their science fair projects.

4. Sponsor a School: A donation of $6,000 provides a school with five hands on STEM programs to run during the school year in the after school time slot.

5. Sponsor a school district: A donation of $15,000 will bring a family science night to each school (up to 30 schools). The family science night includes the whole family with up to eight interactive science stations the family will enjoy.  Each family science night is 90 minutes in duration and runs in the evening hours after school.

The above donation packages are recommendations. We are happy to work with your giving goals and desires. Simply use the "Contact Us" tab to express your desires.

All gifts will be greatly appreciated. A gift of any amount will help a child from a low income family learn and enjoy the wonders of Science. Larger gifts may help us adopt entire schools or school districts which lack the needed funds for a science program.